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Ryann Hamilton

Sheryl Young

English 1302

11 November 2014

Is Black English a True Language?

The way we talk has dictated where one ends up in life. Among one's environment speech can either be the barrier, or link to connect two people who can change each other's life either for better or worse. Speech is a key part of who one is, their status in life, and how they view themselves as their own person. Because of these aspects language plays a vital role in one's life. There are many different forms of speech, but the most debated language is Black English. While some argue that Black English is a true form of speech, others say Black English is not a language at all and the only true language is the American English we all speak today.

Black English came from low income African Americans around 400 years ago.

Known as "the slave language" Black English became a way for African Americans to speak without getting interference from the white culture they were subjected to. According to Gloria Tolver -Weddinton who wrote the article The Scope of Black English: "Black English or Black dialect is a relatively new phenomena, that was not identified until 1964" (Gloriaparg.1). The reason was because until the 60s African Americans were not recognized as people, so there way of talking was viewed as sloppy, corrupt, ungrammatical, and not a true language. However Black English became so integrated into the community that teachers started teaching Black English in schools, and Black English became the norm for all communities and in the education system we know today.

In schools Black English was not a part of the main curriculum until recent years when Black English became a language. Needless to say teachers were troubled...