Blinded by the White- Tim Wise

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Blinded By the White-Tim Wise

Typically when you think of your dream community it would probably consist of a big yard, good school, and good neighbors. Would they be black neighbors? Probably not, it would be your typical well raised folks, white folks.

Every time you hear of a black child writing, reading, or speaking violence the solution seems to come easy to most. Such answers might include kicking them out of school, sending them to a foster home, counseling, or just sending them down the road. Do you think that the same behavior from a white child would have been met with the same mind set, probably not today?

Most people say that it won't happen here. Well then where does it happen? It has to happen somewhere. Why choose your current location? Are there nice schools, nice people, or just a diminishing population of black people?

Why is it that we always seem to make excuses for our selves, yet have scientific evidence when a black person goes off on a shooting spree? If you took a look at some of the most recent murders or mass killings there has to be something to explain it all.

Yet there is but nobody wants to say it. Most of them were white.

Today whenever you listen to the media you never really hear of the crimes committed by the white people. The media just informs you about all of the terrible crimes that the black people have done. Even though the majority of young aged white males have committed some sort of illegal act.

While we set hear and utter the words of self reassurance to ourselves something negative is probably happening or will happen to draw our attention to it. Then we will be able to make...