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Thousands of young men and women who wanted to gain muscular mass during the 1940's, created the sport of bodybuilding. Men and women of all ages started lifting weights so they could compare to the people whose bodies were more complex. Bodybuilding gained more attention in the late 1980's when the National Promotion Competition created more competitive events so the sport could gain larger crowds and more serious competitors.

Since the early 1990's there have been millions of people spending more time in the gym on a regular basis, but there are very few people who choose to make a living off winning competitions. To be a successful bodybuilder there are many techniques you can choose to follow, but the competitor must realize what he/ she wants to do to their body. According to Aton Hutchisos, a former professional bodybuilder, "what you put in the sport is what you will get out of it"(Hutchisos).

Hutchisos also stated " its hard to maintain and focus on the sport and stay self-disciplined, while not giving up when things become tiring and difficult".

The sport of bodybuilding leads in two directions. One direction some bodybuilders choose to take is to use steroids. The other direction you can choose from is to be all natural with no muscle boosters. Most people who use steroids are unaware of the major side effects they cause. The most common side effect is the toxins in the steroids damage your liver severely. Even though many athletes know about the side effects, they continue to use steroids and develop testosterone, which creates more muscular mass for the athlete. However while they are gaining muscle mass, it is proven that steroids cause some people to lose their hair, develop breasts and reduce their sperm count forever. Steroids are drugs...