A book report and critique on Sandow the Magnificent by David L. Chapman. It covers the entire book and touches on an overall critique. The teacher said it could use more critique

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Sandow the Magnificent

The book, Sandow the Magnificent by David L. Chapman, speaks of the beginnings of bodybuilding and how one man, Eugen Sandow, was responsible for making bodybuilding the popular sport of present time. Sandow's life was centered around fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. After reading the book, one can come to the realization that Sandow deserves much credibility as the one who provided the foundation and guidelines for the modern sport of bodybuilding.

Eugen Sandow was born in Germany unto a Russian mother and a German father. Sandow's childhood was spent traveling. As a teenager, Sandow began bodybuilding. However, seeing little to no progress, Sandow became very discouraged and even considered quitting. Despite his urge to give up bodybuilding at such a young age, Sandow pressed on. He eventually began seeing progress as his muscles began to show major definition. Unlike many bodybuilders, Sandow was more concerned with the showmanship of his physique rather than the amount of weight he could lift, pull or press.

It was not until Sandow's trip to Italy that he learned he could perhaps make a living from his hobby as a bodybuilder. Sandow began taking on people who questioned his strength. Also while in Italy, Sandow was given a chance to tour the city as a bodybuilder for an allotted sum of five thousand francs. Another life altering opportunity arose for Sandow while he was in Italy.

The life altering opportunity occurred in 1889 at a "strength show" at the Royal Aquarium. Two men, Sampson and Cyclops, challenged anyone among the crowd at the Royal Aquarium to a strength and skills face-off. Atilla, a friend and businessman of Sandow, watched the show and realized that Sandow could easily out perform the two men. Therefore, Atilla encouraged Sandow to attend one...