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Animal Farm "Animal Farm" is a symbolical political satire in which animals take the place of humans. These animals can talk and are just as intelligent as humans.

They learn to read and each type of animal a different aspect of humanity. (Ex.:

Pigs- Politicians; Horses- Laborers; Sheep- Gullible People; etc. ) This book shows how a government that is set up to serve the people turns against them, just like communism did to the Russian people. Animalism symbolizes communism and the characters symbolize Russian leaders and people of importance. This is a tale with no happy ending. Characters The Pigs They symbolize politicians in a stereotypical sense. Some of them lie, cheat, and steal from the animals they are supposed to serve. They make promises that are never kept. Propaganda is spread to the animals they are supposed to represent. Old Major He is a pig who is very old.

He has seen the lifestyle the animals live and is dissatisfied with it. He creates a government ideology called animalism which represents communism. He is the Karl Marx of this world. Napoleon He is a large, fierce looking Berkshire boar, who is not much of a talker. He uses animalism only to increase his power and the dogs to terrorize the other animals. Napoleon symbolizes the dictator Joseph Stalin in this world. Snowball He is a pig that fights with Napoleon over the power on the farm. He is a very energetic, eloquent speaking, brilliant leader who organizes the defense of the farm.

Napoleons jealousness of him makes him try to kill Snowball. Snowball flees the area and every misfortune in Animal Farm after that is blamed on him. He represents Leon Trotsky in this story. Squealor He is a short, fat, twinkle eyed pig who...