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The novel Animal Farm by George Orwell was a very interesting, complex, and informing novel. In the novel, George Orwell uses farm animals to portray people of power and the common people during the Russian Revolution. The story is told by animals in the farm from their perspective. Animal Farm takes place on an English farm named Manor Farm, owned by Mr. Jones.

The story begins with Mr. Jones stumbling into bed, unable to lock up the farm because of his drinking. Since Mr. Jones was asleep, the animals gathered themselves to have a meeting. Major, an old white boar, starts to explain to all the animals in the farm how they are being treated wrongly and how they can over throw their owner, Mr. Jones. Major points out to the animals that the cause of their misery is due to the lazy, incompetent human, who steal animal's labor for their own benefit.

Couple days later, Major dies due to his old age, and the animals finally decide to go against the owner and start their own farm with their own rules and commandments. Originally the two animals in charge of the "Animal Farm", were Napoleon and Snowball, the pigs. Along with Squealer, another pig who's a very persuasive speaker, establish a rule called the "animalism". This said that anyone with two legs is an enemy and anyone with four legs or wings is a comrade. The most important rule was that every single animal is equal and the animals get to have self-government.

Soon, the revolution of the animals starts when Mr. Jones gets drunk and forgets to feed the animals. Outraged and hungry animals finally revolt by breaking into the feeding area themselves. Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones immediately wake up and go outside.