Book report for Color of Water.

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Day 1

So far this book seems to only deal with these small 12 children who live with one mother who has polio in her left hand and limps when she walks. The children called that the mad walk. I feel the book so currently is very interesting right now because I so far enjoy reading about how Ma wanted each and every child to go to college, which they did, and to rule over each and everyone another as best friends and family. I read about 4 chapters today, and I can say that this book doesn't relate to me currently, but as far as moms doing embarrassing things I can understand. The fact their mom would ride her old, used up bike around the town with 12 or so small children trailing behind her would definitely put me at unease.

Day 2

I really felt sorry for Ruth.

Many girls, as far as I know have nice relationships with their fathers but she had the worst. Her father, Tateh, would make her work in that store of his from night to day as soon as school was over, and she'd never really get to enjoy life. Not to mention that he would practically rap her in bed or at the beach whenever he got close enough to her. I mean HIS OWN DAUGHTER! That sickens me to the core. Plus Mameh had really a horrible life being married to Tateh. He only used her to get to America, and he didn't even love her or anything. Unlike Mameh, Ruth could escape with her boyfriend Sam, who impregnated her and half way ruined her life.

Day 3

Ma had found a man who loved her and all of her children the same. His name was.....err... I forget....oh wait I...