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The initiating event is Christopher,April,Jalil, David,and Senna come upon an island in Ever World. They are greeted by a not-so-friendly Cyclopes giant. The giant grabs up Chris and proceeds to eat him.

The story begins with Chris in the giant's mouth. Inside the mouth Chris beats and kicks at the giant's teeth. Finally one of the teeth gives loose.

The giant screams in pain and Chris falls out of his mouth. He hits the ground but isn't badly hurt. Everyone gathers around Chris, but now there is another person.

She introduces herself as Etain. She is the daughter of Kind Camulos,ruler of the Everworld Ireland. Etain tells the giant, Lorg, to apologize and he does.

Etain then shows Chris to a lake where he may wash off. After he is done, Etain takes him and the others back to the castle with her. They all fall asleep, but are soon awaken.

Someone has murdered Lorg. Everyone goes to inspect the body for any clues as to what happened. David notices something and asks if he may climb onto Lorg to examine it.

David climbs up onto the giant and sees tiny holes in the back of his neck and above his eye. David then tells some Fairies(warriors of the land)to go look for bullet shells. They find some and now David, Chris,April,and Jalil suspect it is Senna's doing.

The main reason they suspect it is her is because they aren't technology advanced in this land. They think that Senna"The Gateway" has brought people with guns from the real world over to Ever World. Another reason is that she has seemed to disappear.

Some Fiannan(FBI agent and a marine rolled into one)overheard them talking and reported it to the head Fiannan, MacCool. Since Senna had already disappeared there...