Book Report: The Other Side Of Truth by Beverley Naidoo

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The Other Side of Truth is an historical fiction novel set on a true story. Although all the characters in the book are fictional, three political figures who were real people, are mentioned within it. It is set in around 1996, just after an event that ties in with one of these real people, has come to an end. The story linking the fictional characters together is supposedly set when talk of this real life event has died down.

The novel is told in third person and is mainly focused on the thoughts and actions of the main character; a young Nigerian girl named Sade.

The Other Side of Truth begins in Lagos, Nigeria with a terrible tragedy. It begins on an ordinary day, Sade and her younger brother Femi are packing their bags for school, and their father, an outspoken Nigerian journalist is getting ready for work. Suddenly:

"A shot.

Two shots at the gate in the early morning and a car screeches away down an avenue of palm trees"

After the terrible loss of their mother, Sade and Femi find that terror is all around them. Their father decides that they must flee their country to England, and go and stay with their Uncle Dele. At once. Just the two of them.

Plans for their journey are promptly arranged and they soon find themselves on the plane to England, under the names of Yemi and Ade, travelling as the children of a Mrs Bankole. But as soon as they arrive in England, Mrs Bankole deserts them and they are left wondering the streets of London on their own.

A huge shock comes, when they are unable to locate their Uncle Deli. Together, they tramp round the dusty, dirty London streets, trying to find place to shelter for the...