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1. Return of the Native, Thomas Hardy, Bibliography Copyright 1980 Afterward Copyright 1987, 406 Pages.

2. This is a novel about the life of love. Not only the good parts but also some of the harder times. Thomasin and Wildeve are set to be married however that does not work out. Wildeve then has a new relationship with Eustacia Vye. However, Clym returns home after a stay in Paris. Estacia suddenly has a new interest in Clym. In time, Wildeve and Thomasin get married. Also Clym and Eustacia get married. The novel then continues on to show the hardships and problems of these lovers. It shows the problems they incounter and how they deal with these dilemmas. It shows how different feelings can bring these relationships to ends and that nothing is necesarily forever.

3. The title Return of the Native is the basis of the plot of this book.

This book is about the return of Clym Yeobright to his native land Egdon Heath. He comes back after living in Paris as an apprentice. The story is about a return of a native.

4. My first impression of Clym Yeobright was that he was a very nice young man who is very intellectual, and successful in business. I also got the impression that he might have some strange ideas. Eustacia overhears a conversation between her father and some other men when we hear them speaking of Clym. One man says, "Tis a blazing great business that he belongs to, so I've heard his mother say- like a king's palace, as far as dements go." This gave me the impression that he was successful in his business. Another man says "Clym Yeobright is become a real perusing man, with the strangest notions about things." This gave me the impression that he had some strange ideas. The last thing that gave me an impression about Clym was when one man says, "The say he can speak French as fast as a maid can eat blackberries." This gave the impression that he was educated.

5. A change that occurred in a character occurred in Eustacia. She changed from liking Wildeve to being infatuated with Clym. In the beginning of the novel, when we first meet Eustacia she like Wildeve. As the story progresses she likes Clym.