Book report on The Time Machine espressing the theme, conflict, setting, and personal opinion.

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In this book report I will discuss the novel "The Time Machine" written by H.G. Wells. The first aspect of this book that I will discuss is its theme. A prevalent theme in this story is the way mankind uses and depends on technology to make life better for us, but in fact we might end up getting the opposite effect. When the time traveler reaches the world of 802,701, he encounters the small, childlike creatures called Eloi. The time traveler is disappointed since these beings of the future are actually unintelligent, weak and lazy. Wells believes that the people of earth are headed for a similar fate as the Eloi since we are dependent on technology to do our work for us and are becoming weak, lazy and unintelligent. We don't need to put our minds or bodies to work - we have machines and technology to do it for us.

The author cautions us to not to always use technology to make life easier for us or else our future might be similar to that of the Eloi. If too much progress is made and humans get too comfortable, they might get soft. Another theme of this novel is that the human spirit and kindness lives on forever. When the time traveler rescues Weena, one of the Eloi, from drowning she shows gratitude and befriends him. When the time traveler escapes from the Morlocks into the forest, she follows him into danger. Her actions express her concern and love for him. Even though in the world of the future, the beings are weak and unintelligent they still posses the gratefulness and kindness of humans today and so we can say that even 800,000 years into the future, the human spirit lives on and is as...