Brave New World

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Brave New World Creative Essay I believe that living in a state of nirvana is not even possible to imagine. A utopia community would be so perfect that it would be a life without problems or set-backs. It will be a world so different from the one we live in now. Many different factors would have to be taken into consideration such as: religion/drugs, education, government, and what to do with those who do not wish to be in this community. It's true that a utopia is not even imaginable, but this is how mine would be.

My world would be in some city that is in a valley dug between a great mountain range. My community will be called Colusa. Colusa will not be able to interact with any other community for the risk of bad vibes penetrating into the community. The people of Colusa will have a niche or role in the community that will be essential in survival for the rest of the population.

This being so, there is no paper currency, Colusa will be a barter community like it was long before. This way, everyone is involved and no one is singled-out. Colusa will soon grow into an empire where there is constant movement and one way of life.

There will be one religion in which everyone sees it being the correct faith. Faith will be important to the people of Colusa, because I think that when people have faith, all goes good. Everyone will have an optimistic view of life, which makes the community excel. It is a fact that drugs, alcohol, and tobacco alters the way we think, and feel. So the people of Colusa would not even imagine of such substances. These are other reasons why Colusa will be such a perfect world.

Since this is a utopia, everyone would want to live in Colusa. There will not be a problem in which people would want to leave or be exiled. In past communities, people that did not want to be in a community would be sent to islands and other remote areas. The government will have one leader that will rule Colusa for the whole time. I state "the whole time" because people will live for eternity. Before people get there, they will have a choice of what age they would want to be. This way we will have diversity at all times, and no one will be melancholy because of deaths in the families. These are just some points that describe Colusa.

Colusa is the life that I would love to live in. Colusa is a mixture of Colombia and the United States of America. I chose this name because I wish that a lot of our lifestyle could be put in the beautiful country of Colombia. No one would want to leave Colusa, and the world will soon be aware of this community. I honestly do think that if people had an optimistic mind, we would all be able to live with more peace.