Brave New World by Aldous Huxley how does Huxley's book point out possible problems that could face society as new technologies are developed?

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In his book Brave New World, Aldous Huxley pointed out many possible problems that could face society as new technologies are developed. Among those technologies is cloning. Huxley represented cloning as a tool that could be used to develop an identical population that would create a stable workforce and contribute to the well being of the human race. However, these advantages come with a certain price and many responsibilities in addition to raising many ethical issues.

In Brave New World, the ability to create identical people was done to ensure manufacturing processes and other tasks would be reliably accomplished. However, individuality was sacrificed. Many today value their individuality above all else and protest cloning because it would threaten this.

Numerous people today argue over the moral issues that are aroused by the possibility of human cloning. Many potential medical benefits are created by cloning including the prospect of growing replacement organs and tissues.

While the opportunity to save lives by producing replacement brain cells, livers, and other vital organs justifies support, the fact that human embryos would be created for the sole purpose of being destroyed deters many from advocating such genetic research.

The act of cloning is protested by many religious groups as well. They argue that the ability to create life should be reserved by God and that unnatural means of reproduction should be abolished. These groups also protest methods of artificial insemination and similar methods of conception. These actions are widely supported by those who desire to reproduce but are unable to by natural means.

Lack of reliable technology today has also turned many against cloning. In Huxley's book, the process had been refined and almost perfectly reliable. An attempt at a human clone today, however, could result in serious deformities. This poses what many...