Brave New World - Technology

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Brave New World

Technology today does give us an advantage of arranging the world so we don't have to experience it. In the book Brave New World people do not have to go though pregnancy and childbirth so they would never have to experience pain or an attachment to having children. They do this by the means of technology in the same way we are able to use it today. However in society today it has not gone so far. We are today starting to use technology in the form of warfare by not having actual men on the battlefield. These two examples are the reasons why it gives us this advantage.

Today the battlefield can be arranged so we won't have to experience war, this idea is now rapidly growing. Now technology is giving us the ability to have planes that are unmanned. As a result of this they have made it so loss of life is minimal and no one would have to experience war up close and personal.

Along with this they would never experience getting captured and being tortured. This is how technology is giving the present world an edge so we would not experience the wraith of a war.

The decision to not experience the pain of childbirth or a bond with a child was, a power given to the controllers in Brave New World by technology. Although that might sound bad today, but that is how they were raised thinking nothing of it. In the book a character states, "My love, my baby. No wonder these poor pre-moderns were mad and wicked and miserable." This accurately shows how bad they really viewed the fact of having children. In order to substitute for having children, they take eggs from a woman and multiply them, and...