This is a breif essay about the characteristics of the toothfairy.

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So, what can we deduce about the Tooth Fairy, from her known characteristics. She is not affiliated with any known religion, in the way that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are associated with Christianity (although their origins seem to predate Christianity). Therefore, she is presumably not be restricted to visiting Christian children. This gives her a much greater range than Santa Claus. She does not need to visit all children in one night, once per year (as Santa Claus does). She may eventually visit all children, but it takes place at irregular, infrequent intervals. It is possible to predict the number of visits per child by the average number of teeth per child. The amount of money left per tooth varies according to the child's age. This is reasonable, as younger children are less interested in money than older children. The amount of money left per tooth also varies according to the level of income of the parents.

This suggests that she either unfairly favours wealthy families, or she does not wish to encourage poverty stricken parents to use their children's teeth as an alternate, tax-free source of income. She is able to detect the loss of a tooth. There are several possible explanations for this. The parents contact the Tooth Fairy when they hear of the loss. The Tooth Fairy actually does visit each child every night, just in case. Some form of radiation or exotic particle is emitted on the loss of a tooth. We shall call these "Toothions". The Tooth Fairy is able to detect this radiation (or particle stream). To investigate this properly would require placing a child in a large particle detector and removing it's teeth, measuring any emitted radiation/particles. Nuclear Physics research centres, such as CERN should be contacted about this...