Brief outline of film "billy elliot" with Q&A to director.

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Year 12 English 2004



The opening scenes of a film are very important as they introduce the characters and scene to the audience. What do the opening scenes of ' Billy Elliot' reveal to its audience?

The opening scenes and titles of the film provide a lot of information and many indications of what is to come. The opening shot of hands shows fingers that tremble with anticipation while placing the record on the player. The following shot shows Billy's exhilaration as he is jumping up in to the screen. Billy's love of dancing emboldens him and it will provide a pathway into a wider world. The song 'cosmic dancer' is significant as the lyrics describe a passion for dancing.

Billy is very independent and doesn't rely on older people as much as other people his age would.

How is this shown to the audience?

Billy's familiarity with the breakfast preparations reveals that he has done this before and his reaction to the disappearance of his grandmother implies an often-repeated occurrence. Billy seems to have a high amount of responsibilities for someone of his age and seems to have already moved into the world of adult tasks. This world, we realise, is a frightening place and has the power to overwhelm Billy and his family.

How have you shown the differences Billy has in relation to other members of his family?

The next scene introduces us to Billy's strong-willed and very aggressive older brother, Tony. The two brothers inhabit different worlds even though they share a bedroom. Their different views and passions are demonstrated by their reactions to music.

This scene brings three of the major characters together and shows us that each member of the family...