Brutus's significance in Julius Caesar

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Brutus is a complex and important character: What is his significance? - Essay

Brutus is portrayed as a very complicated character, the most complex of all characters in the play.

He is a proud of his reputation for honour and nobleness. In act 1, scene 2, Brutus replies, 'I do fear the people choose Caesar as their king,' this shows that Brutus is thinking about the future for the people of Rome, and thinks that it wouldn't be good for the general good of Rome if Caesar were to become king. Subsequently, Brutus says, ' set honour in one eye, and death in th' other. ' This displays that Brutus is willing to risk death to uphold the good of Rome, expressing his selflessness and kindness towards the reputation and people of Rome. Brutus claims that he loves the name of honour more than he fears death.

He says, 'I love the name of honour more than I fear death.' Brutus is characterized as a very noble and generous character, however he is often naïve in his behaviour.

Although Brutus is depicted as a honourable and noble character, he is also naïve in his actions throughout the play. Brutus's motives for the assassination of Caesar was for the good of Rome, however, the other senators' reasons were mainly for their own personal political gain. He also underestimates Anthony's power and influence of the people of Rome. He refers to Mark Anthony as a 'limb' of Caesar, implying that without Caesar, he is weak. Brutus is very naïve in trusting Anthony and realises how dangerous he really is towards the end, even without Caesar. After Caesars death, Brutus lets Anthony speak to the crowd and in the end, Anthony riles...