Bucks County Barn

Essay by vinni119 January 2004

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One word that can be used to describe "Bucks County Barn" is intriguing. This painting cannot be looked at once or twice. It has to be looked upon several times to really absorb all it has to offer. This painting is unlike most paintings because it has quite a few aspects that are non-traditional. The different shades of browns used in the color scheme, the "non-existing" background, and the plainness of the picture make it non-traditional. All of these characteristics make the painting very unique. It seems that the painting is appealing because of the many absences found in it.

When analyzing "Bucks County Barn", a characteristic that is seen without even existing is the background. The background in this painting seems to be the canvas. Usually a barn has many different aspects of nature around it. This painting does not have this attribute. It seems the painter wanted to take a different approach.

By taking out that attribute, the barn is put under a microscope by itself. Usually when someone tries to interpret or analyze a painting, they look at the main part of the painting as well as its background. This brings out the beauty of the barn and makes it easier to analyze. By doing this, the viewer can look at the painting in a number of ways. Depending on the imagination of the people viewing the painting, an unlimited amount of backgrounds are created by the viewer to complete the painting. The first critics of this painting probably thought it was quite ordinary. But if they looked at the painting in this fashion, it could

have been more meaningful to them. They would have seen that is was quite brilliant that the painter gave the viewer a chance to create their own...