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TO: Kevin GrantCOPY: Jose AcostaDATE: September 28, 2008SUBJECT: Concerns relating to the contract with "Citizen-Schwarz AG (CS)."Dear Kevin Grant:This is so that advenga in knowledge on various issues, which I kept in a state of constant concern. "Span System", has been working hard on the "e-banking" for "Citizen-Schwarz AG (CS)." Leon There negotiator CS is furious, because in the past few months we have been unable to comply with Delivery dates agreed upon. They claim they can not allow further delays in the program because it has a deadline for market launch.

I must inform you that "Span System" has worked diligently and conducted during the program's inception. The delay is due to the continuous changes of the originally contract and the request for new requirements that were not covered in the original agreement. To mitigate the damage I have been developing amendments to the existing clauses, which help us to channel the differences in a positive way.

It is important to assess the changes proposed by CS and the same as affecting the project.

The contract previously signed by both parties contains ambiguous clauses, which can be interpreted in several aspects. I propose the following amendments with the aim of making the contract a clear, precise and concise:The creation of a control panel changes. This panel will be constituted by a project manager and engineers programming "Span System (SS)" and "Citizen-Schwarz AG (CS)." The panel will be responsible for assessing changes to the originally submitted. They will have the power to accept or reject the changes, this decision will be respected by both sides. "Citizen-Schwarz AG (CS)" will have to cover expenses due to changes to be approved by the control panel changes. The fee for changes made to increase proportionately...