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The Business of Managing


Although a company may pay top dollar to their employees, there are many other factors to take into consideration when looking for employee loyalty. If working conditions are unpleasant and employee morale is low, people will start to look elsewhere to work. This paper will cover how job specialization, working in a team that has some control over the design of a product and a decentralized organization helps win loyalty. We will also discuss what perks programmers would find irresistible and how a decision-making hierarchy like that of the United States military makes long-term employment with a company desirable.

When a company is trying to lure programmers to their business there are some perks that encourage potential employees to look seriously at choosing one company's job over some other. For example, programmers can do most of their work from almost anywhere there is access to a computer and a secure network connection.

As a result, many programmers prefer to telecommute. There are numerous advantages to companies in allowing a person to work from home a couple days a week. "Telecommuting makes the work force more efficient, cuts costs and even helps protect the environment." ( It also improves employee health as well as family involvement because it reduces stress related to compromises that arise between work and family. ( Other perks that catch a programmer's eye and encourage loyalty are good benefits packages that include health benefits and 401k plans, training and the opportunity for on-the-job learning. (

Because a programmer's job is tedious, the ability to move to different projects within the company, while still using their skill set is also highly desirable. Intra-company rotations give programmers the chance for a change of scenery without changing employers. An "employee is more eager to go...