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In order to articulate or good business requirements and tie that in with our policy statement we need to address many issues within our manufacturing process listed below are how we intend to articulate our business requirements with our policies to create a functioning manufacturing structure.

With and inventory tracking system the company will help increase customer service and also maximize return on inventory investment Inventory Tracking Systems help track all receipts, shipments and adjustments to inventory. Will have immediate access to detailed product information, pricing, landed cost factors, purchasing formula data and processing flags for each item. And allows for customization on the most complex business requirements. You can immediately scan received inventory. This data stored in the inventory tracking system can help forecast and project current and future sales. This would be a great asset to promote efficiency and accuracy. The accounting practices of a company are very closely related to the success of a company.

The accounting practices should be practiced very wisely because of internal issues and also external issues like those with the IRS. When speaking about accounting we should use the latest technology and also skilled professionals to upkeep our accounting practices, because our bottom line is always our main goal and that cannot happen without just finances.

This is a vital business requirement we rely on for survival. It is vital that we not only have communication with different markets because we do rely on different markets for different raw materials, but also we need to communicate with our markets in different parts of the country and world. We need to find trends in the market and also forecast how it will affect our survival and livelihood. The best way to conduct marketing research is by hiring a marketing firm. Companies hiring there...