Buying from the comfort of home.

Essay by svenfs November 2003

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Buying From The Comfort Of Home

Every year more and more people enjoy helping others to find the perfect gift, usually a special piece of jewelry, for a family member.

There are a vast growing member of busy Americans who choose to shop from home using catalogs and the Internet. Studies have shown that nearly ninety percent of consumers have purchased something through a catalog, while about thirty six percent have bought online.

The primary reason people use the Internet and catalog is convenience. Not everyone has a normal work schedule where they can go to the mall when it's open.

People also opt to buy from home because of the variety of products, cost savings, customer service and ease of comparison-shopping. And you can shop the world, from small boutiques anywhere in the world to major U.S. retailers.

It takes a lot of effort and time to go to several stores, and even then, after all the time spend, they may not have what you are looking for.

A lot of regional or specialty items are available only online that you may not be able to find where you live.

According to researchers nearly sixteen million consumers have designed their own products while about ten million have bought a product they customized, this includes clothes, jewelry, greeting cards, sporting goods, etc.

The Internet is one of the best ways to find parts for restoring older cars that you can't find in auto parts anymore. The most popular items being purchased through out catalogs, or online are related to the home, including furniture, home furnishings, electronics, books, and cd's.

During the holidays especially is when people opt to order from catalogs or the Internet, mainly due to the waited to the last minute to get that special someone...