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Buying a car is one of the most significant purchasing decisions that a person makes because the kind of car that he/she purchases is a reflection of that person personality. Recently I have been considering purchasing or leasing a car. I know what I can afford, but it does not hurt to dream of purchasing a perfect car. As with purchasing any type of car, either new or used, the same idea applies which is getting the most for the least amount of money.

I dream of one day to owning a brand new Lexus with all the bells that are available. This is a nice dream to have, but I do realize that I am a full time student living on a fixed budget and I cannot quite afford a car that expensive right now. However, I am currently shopping around looking for a car that suits my needs.

There are many things that I have to consider before actually purchasing or leasing a car. First, I have to decide whether I want a new or pre-owned car. Second, I have to decide whether I want to purchase or lease the car. Finally, I have to see whether or not I have enough in my budget to actually get this car.

The first car that I ever purchased was a 1989 Ford Tempo. I purchased this car when I graduated from high school. I was extremely proud of myself for buying this car because I bought it with the money I earned working weekends at a telemarketing company. At that time my friends were getting nice new cars from their parents, but I did not care at all because I understood what a major accomplishment buying this car for me. A short time later I realized that purchasing...