My First Car

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My First Car         It was the summer of 1997, and just a few days before my birthday. My father came up to me and asked me if there was a shortage of cars in the house. I, obviously, told him that there should at least be one more car as I always had to commute using either the bus or the taxi. He agreed without hesitation and left. I never had a hint or thought he was serious until my birthday, when he came up to my with a small birthday gift which was neatly packed. I asked him if I could open it and he replied, "Sure, but I'm not sure if you'll like it." Looking at the size of the gift, I thought he gave me a watch. But, as soon as I opened the gift, I saw a key ring with a key in it"¦ All it said was "Honda."

        The car came as a shock to me (not that I'm complaining) and was the best birthday gift I could have ever expected. The car was a "1997 Honda Civic 1.6 EXI.". It was fully loaded and made quite an impression on all my friends & everyone in Lahore. The first thing I remember doing after getting the car was driving it over to my best friend's place. He was even more shocked than I was. We kept driving the car all around Lahore, Pakistan. I drove over 2000 kilometers within the first week itself. I drove half way around the country within the first week itself. I loved my car more than my girlfriend. The power was orgasmic and I would drive at crazy speeds within the city. In fact, my car is the one thing I miss the most after coming to the US. I...