Capital Punishment

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Argumentative writing Capital punishment A few weeks ago the man that did the Oklahoma bombing was sentenced to death by lethal injection. He killed 160 people and his punishment was his own life, this is Capital punishment.

I strongly believe that Capital punishment should be allowed. I have several reasons for this. Firstly I believe that if someone is killed by first degree murder, which is when someone deliberately takes another persons life, capital punishment should be introduced and the victims families should be able to choose weather or not capital punishment is used.

If capital punishment is carried out it will put the victims families at ease knowing that there is no chance they will kill again. This is linked to another reason for why capital punishment should be carried out. It will stop a serial killer because if every murderer is punished with their life, they won't have a chance at killing again.

If capital punishment is in forced on all first degree murders, it will stop other people murdering because the price they will have to pay will be much bigger so they will think more about committing serious offences if their life is their punishment.

Capital punishment should not be introduced in a rape case. The victim is still living so the rapist should not be killed, but because he put someone through an extremely bad experience he should be put in prison for life. I believe this is a satisfactory punishment.

In a torture case the torturer is inflicting mass amounts of pain onto the victim, and to do that and get pleasure out of it is inhumane so anyone who can get pleasure out of hurting someone else deserves to lose their life so capital punishment should be allowed.

Overall Capital punishment should be allowed but dependent on the crime.