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Introduction For my case study I decided to investigate some of the design aspects that occur in the CP cases 19'' racks. I chose to do CP cases because they are a constantly evolving company that makes cases for a wide variety of professional equipment. The equipment that they are responsible for protecting, ranges from human organ refrigeration units to camera gear, sound equipment and guns. The design aspect of CP cases is very interesting because the company is always having to adapt their products as the equipment changes and diversifies. The company are also improving the standards of their existing products by making the cases stronger, lighter and more practical at the same time as designing new cases for a wider variety of products. As well as updating all their technology and methods, they must also meet the new demands of the professionals that use their cases.

Examples Colin Clarke is a cameraman who required a bag for his film camera.

He had always had trouble in the past on plane flights when trying to get his bag registered as hand luggage, he needed a bag that could store the camera in to a certain shape by allowing him to dismantle it in to parts, and then store each part safely. The designer could have never come up with this idea unless they made an effort to keep up with the modern cameraman by keeping in contact with some of their consumers. The designers are always keeping up with the new demands of their consumers.

Aim My aim for this project is to how the company produces the 19'' racks as two different products with very different design features for the same purpose. I will be comparing the design, the materials used, the construction and the potentially different uses...