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Celimene Paragraph Celimene is Alceste's beloved. In our scene, Celimene is arrogant and shallow. She is superficial, pointing out every small, little detail that is wrong with all of the mentioned men in the scene. Her personality is the exact type opposite of what Alceste likes in a woman. She hesitates to find true love match and her purpose is to drive the suitors wild. Her personality is perfect for that because she acts as if she does not like any of the suitors and then she shows a slight bit of attraction so they will not leave her. She says, "If all hearts beat according to your measure, / The dawn of love would be the end of pleasure; / And love would find its perfect consummation / In ecstasies of rage and reprobation" (Act II, line 261-264). This quote represents her personality because she would rather have her life set at her own pace, and she wants to be in control of her suitors. She wants love to beat at her measure and if she committed to a suitor, then her game would come to an end and she wouldn't be happy. I would choose a woman with a strong personality to play this character. She has to have an attitude and look down upon life. Someone who has had a troubled life and likes to get back at people, by playing games with them, because it would make them feel good. I would envision them using a strong commanding voice and seeming a little bit annoyed by all of the questions being asked.