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Social Change

Behavior is a feature of one's self that is influenced by many different aspects. There have been many debates around the topic of behavior and why one behaves the way they do. Many believe it is the World around the person that makes us act the way we do while others say that it is in person's personal features or communication. In Malcolm Gladwell's essay, "The Power of Context," he discusses a society where crime is dangerous and out of control. He describes that it is the result of smaller crimes being down like breaking windows and drawing graffiti on walls. Similar to Gladwell's essay, the essay "The Roots of Debate in Education and the Hope of Dialogue" by Deborah Tannen talks about our debate centered society we live in, as well as the influences and affects it's brought about on our education system. Both authors conclude that the surrounding environment is a critical element in shaping one's behaviors and thoughts, and even changing it.

Individuals can create social change by altering the context of community conversation.

Our society usually spends too much time trying to prove the wrongs rather than accepting and understanding that there may be multiple and numerous ways to solve a problem. A typical American family for example, while having a meal at the dining table at home, suddenly an argument and debates come about between father and mother over some minor thing. Argument and debate goes on for a while until one parents win. Now the impact and influence that the incident left on children, who were watching the debate, was that they have learned to argue and in future they would use this debate technique against their peers to win. The interesting point is that, it is not just the American educational...