Changing Accounts Of Unchanging Events

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Carl Becker defined history as, "the memory of things said and done." However, history has many other meanings. History is an account of everything that happens. These accounts will vary and change. It is a record of both events that do not change and records that will vary and change.

There are always changing accounts of unchanging events. One reason for these changing accounts are the values in society. A second reason is the physical position of the people giving the accounts. A third reason is the previous knowledge of the people involved. A fourth reason for these changing accounts is the "side" or "position" of the person giving the account. The person could have been biased against one view and swayed their opinions to the other side. Yet another reason for these changing accounts is the memory span of the people involved. Some people only have short-term memory, while others only have long-term memory.

These people may remember only selected pieces of the event.

However, it is important to have multiple accounts of the same situation. These varying accounts help to give a more accurate view of the situation. The more accounts that there are, the more things there are to look at and piece together the similarities of the accounts. With additional knowledge, you achieve a more accurate view.