This is a character analyses of rukmani the main character of the book "A nectar in a seieve" by Kamala Markandaya

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A persons characteristics shape how a person expresses himself, and how he/she acts. Person's characteristics are influenced by their surroundings, and their life experiences. Bart Simpson even though a cartoon character, characteristics are of disobedient, and comical. Mainly because he grew up around a bad father figure, and watching humorous shows like krusty the clown. We can examine persons actions to determine their characteristics, and we are able to do this in "A nectar in a sieve" to determine Rukmani's characteristics. Rukmani is protagonist in the book, born to rich but the wealth doesn't last. Her father doesn't have money by the time she is to be wed so she marries a poor farmer tenant. She grows accustomed to her poorness, and makes the best of every situation no matter how bad it seems, and believes that things will get better.

Rukmani portrays a strong, devoted, and passive.

Rukmani is Nathan's devoted wife who cares for him, and her children as best as she can.

Even when she wasent used to a poor life, she tried to make the best of her situation by showing Nathan her devotion. When Rukmani, and Nathan first got wed and she went to love with him she disliked the Nathan build greatly but she insisted it was more O.K. but it was great she said she was proud that her husband build her a place to live in. Her devotion is also seen in the w ay she takes her care of her children. She sacrifices her own hunger to try to feed her children better, when they are in need of food because of a bad harvest.

Rukmani is a very strong character she refuses to be beat, or fooled by outsiders. Even though she is not a very violent person,