Charlie’s Unsetting Reunion

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Natasha Garcia

English 2335

N. Olivares

October 8, 2014

Charlie's Unsetting Reunion

After three years of Charlie not seeing his father, he was really looking forward to spending time with him. Charlie had a break between trains and he made plans to meet with his father to have lunch and do some catching up, once he met up with his father they walked down the block to find a place to eat. They did not get to do much talking or much of anything because wherever they went Charlie's father made a scene and showed bad behavior, they end up at a newspaper stand where Charlie is fed up and wants nothing more to do with his father. On the train Charlie was happy to know that he was going to be able to see his father, but it changed once Charlie got to see how his father acts towards other people, Charlie didn't want to be with his father anymore and leaves for his train.

Charlie is a young man that is going to meet his mother in a cottage located in the Capes; he is traveling from his grandmother's home in Adirondacks. Charlie hasn't seen his father for three years, who has moves to New York after the divorce with Charlie's mother. Charlie's father runs a club in the fancy parts of New York, since he is the owner of a business he may feel that he is a bit better than the servers at the restaurant because he orders fancy drinks like Beefeaters and has his assistance answer his son's proposal for lunch and to catch up. They meet up in Grand Central Station where Charlie is happy to see his father and wants to eat before his has to get his next...