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In the short story "Chefs House," the author Raymond Carver, introduces a recovering alcoholic named Wes, whose friend, a recovering alcoholic named Chef, allows him to live in his house. Wes invites his wife Edna to come stay with him, even though the two are separated. Edna agrees to stay with Wes for the summer, and she leaves her boyfriend, who also appears to be a recovering alcoholic. They both begin to live their lives together again, but this is interrupted when Chef needs them to leave at the end of the summer so his daughter can move in. Wes appears to be a weaker willed person than Edna and gives into his anger, and does not seem reluctant to go back to alcoholism when things are not going well.

Wes's character appears to be dependent and is shown to be irresponsible. His marriage with Edna did not work out and they are now separated and have moved on.

Wes is an angry and careless person. He gives up easily, and this can be seen when "Wes was drunk and threw his ring into a peach orchard"(28), and when he returns to alcoholism when he becomes desperate or distressed. Although he tries to be strong and tries to keep control of his life, his personality does not allow him to do this and drinking seems like the only way out. Wes's children do not seem to be fond of him or Edna and they "keep their distance"(29), perhaps because of Edna and Wes's poor relationship and careless behavior. Wes has a pessimistic personality and when "Chef got out of his car and hitched his pants"(29); both Edna and Wes knew something was wrong, but Edna seemed to handle it better. Wes also shows his negative look on things when...