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Christmas is one of the best seasons of the year. Christmas time with my family is a good experience. Christmas time around my house consists of three basic traditions such as: decorations, gifts, and dinner.

The first tradition is decorating the house. At my home we hang a lot of shiny gold, red, and green ornaments that light up the room when the light hits them. Then we hang bright flashing lights on the pine tree that glows as bright the sun, and to top the tree off we hang a radiant star on top, as the sweat smell of pine fills the air.

The second tradition my family has is gifts. We don't open all of gifts on Christmas, just the ones we get from our parents. The gifts we get from my other family are opened on Christmas Eve. What's better than to wake up and come down to see the Christmas tree shining so bright in the dark that it blinds us all for a minute.

Then we start peaking through the mounds of gifts hoping that the biggest gift is ours, and we all come together to open our gifts and show them off while hearing the piercing sound of crackling, and crumbling from the wrapping paper. Then when we all finished, we clean up and eat breakfast.

The third tradition in our family is the Christmas dinner, which is held at different family members house each year. But every year we walk in to the smell of honey baked ham, and of buttery mashed potatoes. We all sit down to eat and we lose ourselves in the mounds of food, and by the time we try to get up you can't move because you ate too much.

I believe that's what Christmas is all about. If we can relate to these descriptions then we have a true understanding of Christmas.