Christmas Its Real Meaning

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Christmas, Its Real Meaning Jingle, Jingle, Santa's coming someone yells. I watch as a big round man wearing a red suit with a long white beard and a bag of presents hanging over his back walks up to his chair at the mall. As I look around me and see many small children staring at the figure and its bag of toys thinking of the magic that will soon happen when they are fast asleep on December 24, and all the toys and goodies they will wake up to. Santa soon sits down in the chair and one by one listens to the Christmas wishes of all the little children. As I watch the children stare at toys in near bye toyshops and admire the many wonders to be seen. I think about what Christmas really is. Christmas isn't just this great new toy or this cool new shirt but I believe Christmas is about being with family or loved ones, sharing what you can, and most of all faith.

Christmas is the time when you and your loved ones get together and celebrate the birth of Christ. What would Christmas be without having those special people there for you to share all your neat new presents with? Certain children may not have parents and may live in an orphanage but believe me there are people who love and care for them and would be heartbroken if they couldn't spend their Christmas with them. I know that every Christmas I can't be with my whole family because they live in Chicago and Springfield Illinois, and I live way down here in Georgia. It can be very costly to pay for a visit all the way to Illinois. That is why we are always sure to call each other on Christmas...