chronicle of a death foretold

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In the book Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Santiago Nasar is murdered in the safety of his own hometown. The cause of Santiago's death is from Angela Vicario naming him as the man who took her virginity. This is because when Angela's husband learns she is not a virgin, he ends their marriage as she is no longer pure in his eyes. As a result, Angela's marriage is ruined along with the Vicario's family reputation. So in order to amend their family's honor, Angela's two brothers named Pablo and Pedro kill Santiago in order to regain their honor. This murder is very unfortunate because while Santiago's punishment may seem deserved, it is very possible that he was falsely accused with the minimal evidence supporting Angela's claim. Santiago was also unlucky enough to be one of the few in town who did not hear of the Vicario brother's murder plot and no one in town successfully warns him.

All these factors leave Santiago as an unfair victim in a brutal murder. In this drawing, I hope to give insight on the butchery involved with the death of Santiago Nasar. After Santiago is killed, his dogs attempt to eat his innards because they seem like any other animal's to them. Luckily however, Divina Flor is there to save his body from befoulment and she orders the dogs to be shot. This is ironic though, because while Divina did save Santiago from one fate, she leaves his body in an even worse fate, in the control of the townspeople. Santiago's body is rushed into an autopsy and is given to Father Amador who is a priest without extensive medical education. Father Amador ends up butchering Santiago's body so badly that it is just as disrespectful as it would be if dogs ate...