Chronicle of a death foretold by Gabriel Garcia Márquez Involvement - This essay deals with the involvement of people in Santiago's murder.

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A horde of people played a part in the murder, even people who weren't involved before. Divina Flor was involved because she said that Santiago went up to his room when really he didn't. Santiago's mother closed the door so Santiago wasn't able to get into his home in time. Many men in the story who weren't involved before now are. Colonel Lazaro was actually trying to get to Santiago while before he just took the twins' knives away. Towards the end of the book many individuals got involved in Santiago'smurder.

The women's involvement was different from the men's. The women were getting involved throughout the whole book. The women also weren't direct. Clothilde did not talk to the twins about the murder but tried to get them too drunk to kill Santiago. The women also assumed things more then the men. In the book it says "No sooner had she heard the news than she put on her high-heeled shoes and the church shawl she only wore for visits of condolence."

This shows that as soon as the women hear that Santiago is going to die they assume that that is going to happen.

The men's involvement was different from the women's. The men only started to get involved towards the end of the book. Throughout the book the colonel didn't do much except take away the knives from the brothers. Towards the end of the book he actually tried to get to Santiago before he was killed. Yamil Shayum also tries to warn Santiago. Most of the men tried to stop the murder directly. The men were more candid then the women. Men were more incredulous than women. They spoke to either the brothers or Santiago about it directly. Nahir Miguel also told Santiago...