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While effective classroom management to a simple recipe, there are definite steps the teacher can take to create an effective learning environment in the classroom. It is important to understand that classroom management refers to how teachers structure their rooms to prevent or minimize behavior problems. Good classroom management techniques are based on the guidelines for creating an effective learning environment for the students. Positive leadership and planning are key factors to effective classroom management. True management begins with the teacher.

Educational researchers have found that effective classroom managers have carefully planned rules and procedures, which they teach early in the year suing clear explanations, examples, and practice (Evertson et al; Good and Brophy 1997). Your classroom rules should be clear, concise, reasonable, and few in number. For example, five general rules for elementary age students might include: (1) be polite and helpful; (2) respect other's property; (3) listen quietly while others are speaking: (4) do not hit, shove, or hurt others; (5) obey all school rules (Everetson et al.1997).

It is important to enforce all classroom rules consistently and fairly. Consistency is a key reason why some rules are effective and others are not. Rules that are not enforced or that are not applied evenly and consistently over time result in the loss of prestige and respect for the person who has created the rules and has the responsibility for carrying them out.

Procedures and the routines your students will follow as they participate in learning activities are essential for smooth classroom functioning and minimizing opportunities for misbehavior. Part of developing classroom rules and procedures is to decide what to do when students do not follow them. Students must be made aware of the consequences for failing to follow rules and procedures. Examples include a disapproving look from...