The Client

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lior.s The client/John Grisham A summary The book begins when two kids go to the woods. After a while, a man drives in his car. They believe he is going to commit suicide and therefore, they try to stop him. When he notices them, he takes them into his car and tells them the reason for his death wish. He tells them that he is a lawyer who represents the mafia and because he knows the whereabouts of a missing senator's body, he is sure they are after him. The kids manage to escape from the car and while running they hear a gun shot. The younger brother panics and his brother takes him to the hospital. The older brother-Mark, then, goes back to the dead lawyer and it is there where the police finds him. The kid believes he is at risk because of the things he knows and looks for a lawyer. He finds woman lawyer-Reggie Love. The kid is taken to court. In the mean while, a hit man hired by the mafia, tries to kill him yet he and Reggie manage to escape. In the end, Reggie and the boy find the senator's body and the Boy goes into protective custody.