College Cheating Who Is Affected

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College Cheating Who Is Affected


College Cheating Who Is Affected


"It instills collage cheating consequently affects student's academic performance in a negative way and Cheating also can cause student to lose his credibility and reputation". In a world where cheating is an academic norm, ethics is hardly a major deterrent in preventing students from cheating. "More than 50% of college students admit to collaborating with others on an individual assignment" (Brennan, 2006, 48-52). However, when this collaboration reaches a point of copying on homework or even tests, the extent of cheating is no longer under control. However, it remains true that cheating on homework is often easily detectable, but cheating on tests, especially multiple choice tests, is nearly impossible to pick up without close monitoring of the students. Cheating in college to achieve success is undesirable and dishonorable. A student who cheats to gain success at college will suffer severe punishments.

Cheating can cause a student to lose his credibility and reputation.


In a survey conducted of 3,200 high-achieving students, 88% conceded that cheating was widespread at their high school and 65% professed that it would have been easy to get test answers or questions ahead of time. This may seem like just another statistic, but it is a significant determinant of just how universal cheating is. To start, the risks of cheating in college to achieve success are much higher because the punishments can be severe. Teachers can give failures on tests or research papers which would bring a student's GPA down and keep him from any honor achievements. Even worse, the student can be removed from class and be forced to take it again at his expense. The most damaging consequence of cheating is getting kicked out of...