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Critical Analysis on a Personal Choice Monsters for a Pet No More Monsters for Me is a 64 page children's book written by American authorPeggy Parish. The author writes of a girl wanting a pet. On one rainy evening she finds a monster, crying, in the bushes. Feeling sad, the girl takes in the monster. As it grows bigger and bigger, she soon realizes that having a monster for a pet is a bad idea.

the most selfish thing to do is go behind your mother's back. That is exactly what Minn Simpkin did one rainy night when she wanted a pet.

"I stamped out of the house. I did not care what my mom said. I was going to have a pet. I would take a long walk and think about this."(parish p.6) Minn Simpkin is about six or seven years old. She's short for her age and she acts like a typical child.

Wanting everything a child could have, and getting into a yelling match with her mother.

" not even a tadpole Minn Simpkin, yelled Mom. And I mean it! Okay, Okay, I yelled back." (parish p.1) This relationship between Minn and her mom is common to today's teenager-mother relationship where the teen wants everything he or she could get their hands on. Arguing with their mother and acting like children again. We all know what it is like due to adolescence. The monster is Minn's solution to her problem of wanting a pet. Knowing that Minn is only six or seven old, is this monster real? Or is it her way of dealing with her anger. It might be real to her, but her mother doesn't believe her and play along with Minn.

" Mom, I said, What do monster eat? Food I guess, said Mom Oh, said Mom, This a new game."(parish p.19) This book was very challenging for most children with it's 64 pages of reading and challenging sentences. The author did a wonderful job of telling this story and teaches you that if you just listen to your parents you will get what you want in the end. This is an excellent book to read too your children just before bed.