Commentary On I Heard The Owl Call My Name

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This book is tells us with great depth about the lives of the Canadian Indians who live in the rural areas and how the whites are influencing and killing their culture. The story starts with a dying vicar - Mark who was sent to an Indian Village in Kingcome Inlet. The story continues by telling us how he is accepted into the Indian society and how he tries to understand the Indians. Then after he is accepted into the Indian society, the story concentrates on the influence of the Caucasians on the Indians' culture and the death of their culture. Then the story twists abruptly when the young vicar is killed by a landslide while talking to Jim on his relationship with Keetah instead of dying of his illness. However, Jim survives and in the aftermath of the vicar's death, we can see the importance of Mark in the village and his impact on the Indians when we see the sadness and change in the people of the village.

This book has very good depth and has a tone of sadness throughout. This is perhaps due to the Indians because they are in a closely knit community and if any thing happens to anyone, they express cold resignation, resulting in their sad eyes so unlike most people, who express their feelings freely. It is also very descriptive. I personally think that the writer is also an Indian who once lived in an Indian village or worked closely with them. If not she would not be able to describe the scene so vividly and know the people so well. She tells us of the characters of the story not by words, but by incidents and things they say, this shows that she has great skill in descriptive writing and expects the...