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Oral communication is an essential part of today's business world. I believe that if I can excel at oral communication then I can excel at a career in Information Technology (IT).

Listening and speaking is how we, as human beings, learn about the world around us. We use these skills to express our thoughts, ideas and feelings. This ability to communicate with others allows us to participate in our society successfully. I believe myself to have good listening skills. This is very important when it comes to the IT field. Information Technology changes every day. New technologies are discovered and practices are constantly improving. Being able to listen effectively will help me stay abreast of these changes and discoveries. To be successful in this field I will need to continually educate myself and one of the most useful of doing this would be by taking course to learn these technologies.

As we all know listening is a crucial part of the classroom process, if I wish to get the most out of each course. Also, you can learn from co-workers or supervisors within your workplace, in which listening would also be very important. Although, as I have mentioned, I believe myself to have good listening skills, there is always room for improvement. This class can help develop my listening skills further and help with not only my IT career, but also my future classes.

Speaking is the other aspect of oral communication. This part of communication is where I hope to make the most improvement. Speaking will help me to get a job in the IT field that I desire. Probably the most important aspect of trying to obtain a job is the interview. This is your first impression to a perspective employer. Being able to communicate and...