Communication, Collaboration, And Conflict Management. Application to Tyco

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Ethical behavior and quality workplace culture has gained public attention from the multiple scandals that were prosecuted in 2002. Training In all aspects of governance, leadership behavior, ethics, and compliance review are more prominent today. Training policies for Tyco will provide all staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to take action and improve the responsibility of their individual work areas. Ethical leadership from the top is necessary to define and provide the commitment to quality and culture at Tyco.

Tyco could certainly benefit from training on working effectively as a team, not just individual work. Group decisions, contributions, and communication are important skills of good value to Tyco. This training will be a part of all new hires and their orientation process as well as annual refresher training for all current positions, corporate and non-corporate alike.

Any group of people or workers can form a team and the size can be small or large.

Teams are the working and performance units in most companies. The size of the team is not as important as the style that they adopt for basic success. Teams that adopt an overall supportive and collaborative theme are generally more successful. Good communication between the individuals of a group is the foundation for success and key to functioning smoothly with significant and tangible performance that exhibits quality and ethics in team behavior.

The General Management at Tyco was not truly committed to quality behavior and ethical practice. Support and belief in the company mission statement that not only reflects quality and professional ethics, but also practices these principles through aggressive training and orientations will reduce the probability of financial misconduct. By providing avenues for employees to practice good behavioral ethics that support the public trust, through proactive training and comprehensive new hire orientations, Tyco will...