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Throughout history of the world there have been many methods in language teaching. One of them is the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) ,it is a new teaching approach in Britain, having been introduced in the 1970's, and it has become a popular approach since the 1980's. Many researchers have helped to develop the theory and practice of CLT, among them, Hymes (1972), Brumfit and Johnson (1979).

Communicative Language Tteaching is a method focus on using of communicative as the main tool in teaching language. Littlewood(1981) states that language is used as a tool for communication.

CLT has several characteristics that make it successful from the other ones.

The study is to enable students to be competent in the four skills, and make teachers and students will know the interesting part communicative approach. Also, Students may be can improve their self confidence, share idea, and opinion.

According to Widdowson(1978) Students may know the rules of linguistic usage, but be unable to use the language, from that opinion we have noticed that should answer for some questions about characteristics of communicative language teaching.

*To what extent the characteristics address learners' need?

* How does the teacher manage material for students in some skills in English and apply it in classroom?



-Background of CLT.

-Definition of CLT.

-Thesis statement: Communicative Language Teaching has its characteristics.


The characteristics of CLT:

T.S1: focus on communicative competence.

T.S2: the teachers' role.

T.S3: the student's role.

T.S4: use the classroom activities.

T.S5: a tolerance of errors.

T.S6: goals of fluency.


A small summarize about all what we have mentioned before.

Many researchers had list the characteristics of CLT; main of them are:

First, focus on communicative it is an important element in CLT, it focuses on language as a medium communication. The language...