Community service.

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Through viewing of my résumé, one can see my constant commitment to the city of Buffalo. However, a résumé or an application can only tell so much. My application cannot show how much I love my city. My résumé cannot tell the admissions offices about my everyday contributions to the city.

I have been volunteering and doing work in my community since before my freshmen year in high school. My community service actually began in the sixth grade. I was a member of my church's girl scouts. In order for my troop to get our next badge, we had to perform an act of kindness for the community. We decided to cook dinner for the women in the abused women's shelter. When we served the food, the women were so nice and respectful. Words cannot describe how good it felt to see a simple smile on their faces. All that night, the women kept telling us how good the food was.

That experience made me want to continue to give back to my community. I understood that community service was not meant to make us feel good about ourselves, or even to show us other lifestyles. It is about giving joy to others.

Throughout grammar school I maintained to participate in activities such as drill team (co-captain), dance team (captain), and girl scouts, all while volunteering for various community centers and organizations. In doing this, I learned many leadership qualities and how to better organize my time. In high school, I continued to volunteer in my community. I tutored children after school. I volunteered as a secretary at the Community Springboard. I volunteered at the Haunted Catacombs. I also helped at both my school's open house and entrance testing days.

As a graduation requirement, Hutch Tech students are required...