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Executive summaryAs the domestic market is going into saturation Fosters Group is looking for better alternatives to gain profit in the industry. This report covers all the major points for Fosters to enter a new market. The marker selected for the report is Greece. Greece having a big alcohol market, Fosters plan to export its Penfold's Bin 407 wine to Greece. Report covers all the internal and external analysis done for Greece with help of Situational analysis which cover PESTLE analysis, company analysis, industry analysis etc, Another tool used is SWOT analysis which is being done with Fosters' company point of view to given an information about the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the company recently. The another main part of this report is Marketing strategies which covers all the information how product will be exported to Greece in addition to strategies and how consumer behaves in that particular market and lastly all the financial is being generated to check the assumption and forecasting sales to be made once the product is launched in Greece.

The major findings are:•Greece has big alcohol market and producing a product like Penfold's can be very effective.

•Greeks are changing their taste, from beer culture to wine.

•Foster's is one the most famous brands in Greece and people in Greece love Fosters beer.

Recommendations•Introducing one of the most famous wines in Australia in Greece to meet the increasing demand and opportunity in the wine industry.

•Promote Penfold's More then beer in GreeceTable of content1.0 INTRODUCTION12.0 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS23.0 SWOT analysis64.0 Objectives95.0 Marketing strategies106.0 Economic (Financial) evaluation137.0 Implementation & Control158.0 Conclusion179.0 Reference Lists181.0 INTRODUCTION1.1 ObjectiveThe Objective of the assignment is to generate an effective business strategy and plan to export a product in the overseas market. The domestic market is going into saturation...