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Sandy Ng

Dr. Jonathan Derr

GEN 110- Composition I: Academic Writing

19th September 2014

After graduating from high school, my goal was to study western confectionary and become a pastry chef. Consequently, I came Japan and studied in a famous hospitality education institution for two years called Ecole De Patisserie De Tokio. After graduating from the institution and worked for a year and half, I realized that I had lost on my future goal. Therefore, I decided to study liberal arts and entered in a very different school called Lakeland College Japan. Both schools are special and are very important in my life, but it also took time for me to adapt these two environments.

Ecole De Patisserie De Tokio is a professional training college that aims to educate professionals on Japanese confectionery, western confectionery for students' future job. All foreigners are required to attend Japanese language school for at least six months and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2 in order to enter this institution because all classes are taught in Japanese.

Moreover, 70% students in this institution are Japanese. Since I had only studied 3 months in Japanese language school and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2, it is quite special that they accept my application. However, I had a hard time understanding the lessons and getting friends in school.

Each program in Ecole De Patisserie De Tokio takes two years to complete, from Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Teachers are very strict in attendance; even one minute will be considering late. Every student has a big locker because we have to get changed and leave all our belongings in the locker. We must wear chef's jacket, waist apron and pants, safety shoes before report to class...