Comparing Young Goodman Brown and the movie Children of the corn.

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The story of Young Good Man Brown and the movie Children of the Corn are very similar. Both stories show the weakness and the evil in people. In Children of the Corn the children murder all the adults, make their own set of rules, and chose Malachai as their new leader. Since they had ridiculous rules and followed the leadership of a child many people died. In Young Good Man Brown Goodman leaves his wife Faith temporarily to meet someone even though she said that he had better not to. In his meeting he meets the devil and loses his faith. Goodman follows the evil ways of the Devil which are against Goodman's beliefs. Both of these decisions were irreversible the children could not bring the adults back to life and Goodman could not get his faith back.

When Goodman was walking through the woods he's sees his wife's pink ribbon tangled in a tree branch.

In Children of the Corn Vikki is wearing a pink sweater. Pink represents innocence. Vikki and Faith are similar characters because they have done nothing wrong but still are in danger from others actions. Goodman took a walk with the Devil and destroyed his foundation of his faith and Burt didn't take the old man's directions to move on to the next town.

In both stories there was an evil leader in Children of the Corn it was He Who Walks Behind The Rows, for the story of Young Good Man Brown it was the Devil himself. Both leaders had an evil mission He Who Walks Behind The Rows, wanted to rule the town going by his rules. Even if it took killing many people and influencing many children to do wrong. The devil wanted to convert Goodman to be a worshiper of him.