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Life consists of choices. Life itself is a choice. People make numerous choices a day: whether or not to go to school, study for the test, or even which pair of shoes to wear. Sometimes it is very difficult to decide what course of action to take. Sometimes a specific decision can change one's life forever. This is apparent in both novels "Life of Pi" and "Larry's Party". Beginning with the time of birth until the time of death, people have to make choices everyday on how to achieve the goals in their lives. One can imagine life as an endless road with millions of other roads branching off in many directions. The only problem is that there is often not enough time in life to explore all the branches. Although the choices made by both the main characters in the novels do not exactly have differences, there are more common similarities between the two.

The only difference that comes to mind is their character. Larry is more sensitive than most men and is clearly in touch with his "feminine" side. While Pi is more "manly"; such that in scenarios he was not accustomed to, he quickly adapted to them in order to survive. Similarly, Larry's limited by his father, he is isolated and does not have much freedom. Pi goes through the same general idea when his parents criticize him for having multiple religions; they are being close minded and critical, which is exactly what his three religions are not about. In addition, both the main characters in the novels went through a particular phase. A phase in which helped them reach the self identity. They had believed in themselves, and once they achieved they knew there was no limit to what they can do.

First of...