Comparison of musical artists Rage Against The Machine and writer George Orwell.

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"You'll never silence the voice of the voiceless!" roars Rage Against the Machine. "And Orwell's hell of terror era coming through!" Rage Against the machine knows what Orwell's all about. Together, Rage Against the Machine (R.A.T.M) and George Orwell have much in common. Through their artistry they share they're awareness of political corruption and the need to open the world's eyes to problems faced within society. Both Orwell and RATM warn their readers/listeners of the future problems that could occur if we do not stand up to governmental issues. They also speak freely of how truly important freedom is. As Orwell writes through freedom of speech, Rage Against the machine demonstrates their freedom of speech in the same way. However, RATM's methods may differ from Orwell's. Through satirical novels, Orwell warns his readers of a totalitarian government, while Rage Against the Machine uses their screeching guitars and De La Rocha's shattering voice to make the same point.

Rage Against the Machine is angry and frustrated with political corruption, hypocrisy, and spit at the concept of the American Dream. They sing about their concerns, which are racism, censorship, propaganda, and several other issues sang for more than just entertainment. All too similar, George Orwell writes books and books on political corruption, lack of freedom, and also has no admiration for the so-called American Dream. His literature, such as 1984 and Animal Farm, contains issues concerning the government. He tries to make people more aware of political issues. By pushing people in the right direction through his work, he can change people's thoughts of the kind of society they should be striving for. (Why I Write)

Animal Farm, written by Orwell, represents the rise of Stalin and it's effect on humanity as a whole. It is about absolute power of one...